Writer, Publisher

Nan Fink Gefen is a writer and publisher, living in Berkeley CA. Here you will find her biography, an interview, and excerpts from her books.

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Clear Lake: A Novel
2013 IndieFab Gold Award
for General Fiction
Discovering Jewish Meditation:
Instructions and Guidance for Learning an Ancient Spiritual Practice
Stranger in the Midst:
A Memoir of Spiritual Discovery
"It was after midnight by the time Rebecca rented a car in San Francisco and reached the hospital. She checked in with the guard in the lobby and went up the elevator, through the silent hospital corridors and past the nurses’ station to the room on the seventh floor where Charlie was. The door was half-closed. Inside she heard the sound of a ventilator, whooshing in and out like a bellows. Gently opening the door, she went into the room." "Like a pregnant pause, the silence within contains all possibility. It is the raw material of creation, the formlessness that exists before the concrete emerges. When we enter into this state, we have our most intense spiritual experiences and receive our most significant moments of understanding." "The Shabbat siren was only the first discovery of that visit to Jerusalem. The whole summer would be marked by such sweetness. Subsequent trips to Israel were more difficult, even horrific, but in those few months, before I became a Jew, I was like a child, open and receptive to everything. Truth seemed to abide in the stone streets, the mountain air, the hot sun."